Collection: CTNNB1 Connect & Cure Collection


Welcome to the CTNNB1 Connect & Cure Collection, where every purchase supports our mission to connect families and advance research for CTNNB1 Syndrome. 

Each item in this collection is thoughtfully designed to represent the strength, unity, and hope of our community. From stylish apparel and accessories to practical everyday items, our collection features:

  • Apparel: Comfortable and stylish t-shirts, hoodies, and hats that proudly display the CTNNB1 Connect & Cure logo.
  • Accessories: Custom-designed bags, water bottles, and more to convey hope wherever you go.
  • Home Goods: Beautiful mugs, notebooks, and other items that remind you of our shared mission each day.

By purchasing from the CTNNB1 Connect & Cure Collection, you're not just getting high-quality merchandise; you're joining a community of supporters dedicated to making a difference. Every dollar spent goes directly towards funding research and providing resources for families affected by CTNNB1 Syndrome.

Together, we can connect, support, and find a cure. Thank you for being a part of our journey and for helping us bring hope to those in need.